Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

tugas bahasa inggris Mendeskripsikan Rumah

 Tugas Bahasa Inggris       
                                                                     My House
    My house in the Ponteh village, my house is very small but I like living in the house that was painted green.
    My house facing east and is surrounded by a fence wall. There are two mango trees and ornamental plants in my home page. There are four chairs and one table made ​​of wood on the porch of my house. There are also chairs and a cupboard in the living room, guest room is decorated with a green curtain, in my bedroom there is a bed and wardrobe. my kitchen is behind my house, next to a bathroom and wc, next to my house there is also a courtyard and barn goat but the goat had long we sell, there is also an old house made ​​of bamboo. that's my home, I always sweep early in the morning and evening to keep it clean . Neighbors are also often home to visit or just play with me.

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